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BM Glycolic Plus treatment - City Laser

BM Glycolic Plus treatment.

It regenerates your complexion with a extra-long effect.

BM Glycolic plus products enhance skin regeneration triggered by glycolic acid, protects your skin from free radicals and visibly reduces wrinkles, patches or redness and improves your skin tone and pigmentation.

Why use Glycolic plus?

  • The powerful effect of antioxidant Ubiquinone
  • Regenerates the skin thanks to Glycolic
  • Long term action
  • Treats ALL skin types
  • Fast and effective
  • High safety profile
  • Requires less treatments than any other glycolic treatment.
  • Treats conditions of Melasma
  • Reduction in Acne keratosis
  • Eliminates the look of dark circles and pigmentation
  • Improves skin tone immediately
  • Improves your own skin elasticity

Treats acne, oily, dehydrated and dull skin. Its anti-ageing benefits also regenerates the skin for a smoother flawless complexion. A deep exfoliation to hydrate and invigorate your skin! Purify, Regenerate and Perfect.

Face £85

Body from £100


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Procedure Time


Sensitivity Period

1 hour

Full Recovery

24 hour

Return to Work



Local anaesthetic not required

Possible side effects

Redness, Tingling