Threads Vein Removal

Thread Veins

Thread Veins are extremely common and harmless but can be quite embarrassing. Thread Veins are commonly found on the face and legs. They are tiny superficial blood vessels near the surface of the skin, which can look different in colour from the surrounding skin. It is a common occurrence and does not cause any medical problems but are visibly noticeable and tend to increase in size and number as we age.

Thread Vein Removal treatment

The secret lies in the laser technology that delivers an intense, but gentle burst of energy onto targeted areas of the skin, delivering a controlled amount of therapeutic heat to the targeted area with proven and effective results. Thread Vein Removal treatment will remove spider fine veins and larger veins approximately 1-3mm in size. The unwanted veins are removed by emitting a safe laser light over these veins.

Why have thread vein removal treatment?

What are the benefits of Thread Vein Removal?

The most common benefits experienced from thread vein removal vary from client to client. The most common ones are, it really improves self confidence giving you more confidence to wear a wider variety of clothing. Its one of the fastest treatments available, clients like to have this treatment in a lunch break. Its more effective than other methods.

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Treatment Prices

Starts from £150 for face

Starts from £250 for larger areas

Accurate prices dependant on size of area to be treated are given at your consultation.

Treatment Review

“I am 48 years old and love to play football outdoors even in extreme weather. As a result I have had thread veins that have annoyed me for years. After using concealers for a while i decided to come in for a consultation at the clinic. The practitioner was very informative and honest about treatment, expected results and advised me i would need 3-4 sessions. I have had two sessions of thread vein removal around my nose, the treatment was painless and I am thrilled with the results, I no longer have any veins in the area. I feel a lot more confident and younger.”

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Treatment Headlines

Procedure Time

Varies 15m - 1 hour

Sensitivity Period

2 - 4 hours

Full Recovery


Return to Work



Local anaesthetic if required