Seborrheic Keratosis Laser Treatment

Seborrheic Keratosis also known as seborrheic warts is a non cancerous skin growth. It is more commonly found in older adults, it usually appears as brown, black or light tan growth commonly found on the face, chest, shoulders or back. The growth has a scaly rough texture and is raised on the skins surface. The Keratosis growth can appear singly but multiple growth close to each other are more common.

Seborrheic keratosis are normally painless to have on the body and face. If the Keratosis is on the body areas they can become irritated by clothing, most people have treatment for cosmetic reasons because of there appearance.


Why have Seborrheic Keratosis Laser Treatment?

Why choose Laser Treatments with us?

  • *Gold standard technology
  • *Treats most skin types
  • *Fast and effective results
  • *Qualified practitioners
  • *High Safety profile
  • *Requires less treatments than Cryosurgery

Is Seborrheic Keratosis contagious?

No. They are not contagious, do not spread or turn into cancerous tumours.

How does the Seborrheic Keratosis Laser treatment work?

The keratosis can be effectively removed using Laser pulses, with this treatment an intense beam of light is delivered in small bursts that burns and destroys the growth. The laser light penetration sterilises and seals as it breaks through the tissue.

What can I expect during the treatment?

Treatment will take place at our clinic. You will be made comfortable, the areas to be treated will be cleansed prior to treatment. A small burst of laser light beam will be delivered through a hand piece.

Does it hurt?

Some patients may feel some discomfort with the laser pulses, sometimes described as a snapping sensation. This is only felt with each laser pulse and resolves very quickly. The sensitivity is minimised with additional cooling and anaesthetic if required. Be sure to discuss this with your practitioner.

How many treatment sessions will i need?

The number of sessions depends on the condition of the skin which can be discussed at your consultation. Results are achieved very quickly from your first session.

How do i prepare for treatment?

When having Laser treatment for Seborrheic Keratosis clients should avoid any other treatments on the areas 6 weeks before the treatment. Skin should be clean and thoroughly cleansed, remove any makeup, perfume, creams and oils. Discontinue use of self tanning products or tanning booths. Do not expose the intended area to sunlight prior or immediately after treatment.

What can i expect after treatment?

A cold compress can be applied to increase comfort after treatment, a cooling gel and SPF 50 is applied. Any redness and swelling should subside in 2-3 days. Please follow the after care advice given to you on the day after your treatment.

Are there any side effects?

Permanent side effects are very rare. Clients can sometimes feel a tingly heat sensation in the areas treated that may include redness and swelling.

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Treatment Prices

Prices Varies on the area size being treated

Small areas start from £50

Larger areas from £100

Treatment Review

Book a Skin Consultation - £30

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