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No matter what skin condition you are experiencing, visit our expert practitioners. At City Laser & Skin Clinic, in Leicester, Leicestershire, we offer a range of clinic-exclusive treatments that are designed to cater for the widest range of skin conditions. Our experience of treating various skin types has helped us formulate the most effective treatments. Additionally, the laser skin and facial treatments detailed below can all be tailored to best suit your skin. Please note that treatment times, prices, and the recommended number of follow-up appointments will vary depending on the treatment you choose.

CLSC Reform Facial

This is a laser rejuvenation treatment that replenishes the skin with valuable ingredients, giving it new life by encouraging new cell renewal. After the treatment, your skin will look firmer, more radiant, younger, and fresher.

Treatment Duration – One Hour

CLSC Detox Facial

Built-up bacteria and impurities leave your skin feeling irritated and sensitive. The detox facial is an intensive treatment that deep cleanses the skin by removing any build-up of skin impurities, leaving your skin instantly looking and feeling clearer, purified, and radiant.

Treatment Duration – 45 Minutes

CLSC Hydro Facial

Skin that is dehydrated often feels tired and uncomfortable. The hydro facial is the perfect solution, improving dehydrated, dull, and dry skin. An intensive moisture treatment leaves your skin feeling revived, hydrated, and full of life.

Treatment Duration – 55 Minutes

CLSC S.O.S Calming Facial

Sensitive skin always feels weak, irritable, and reddened. This facial is the ultimate S.O.S treatment for sensitive skin. Irritated, reddened skin is left feeling calmer and clearer as vital and powerful nutrients are used to help strengthen its barrier.

Treatment Duration – 55 Minutes

Vitamin C Collagen Facial

Vitamin C is essential to protect the skin and the skin barrier against free radicals. This powerful boost of Vitamin C increases the collagen in your skin, helping to strengthen the skin barrier and make the skin more radiant, resilient, and firmer.

Treatment Duration – 45 Minutes

The treatments mentioned above can be tailored to suit your skin needs. For further information or to book your free consultation, please call us on 0116 242 5299 or click on the ‘Book an Appointment’ button below.


What are our signature facials?

Our signature facials are a facial treatment that we offer for all skin types and treat most skin conditions.

A full consultation is given to determine which treatment will be best suited for your skin.

Treatment Prices

CLSC Reform Facial – £50 for 30 min

CLSC Detox Facial – £40 for 1 hour

CLSC Hydro Facial – £50 for 1 hour

CLSC. SOS. Facial – £65 for 1 hour

Book a Skin Consultation - £30

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