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CLSC Signature Facials - City Laser

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No matter what skin condition you are experiencing, visit our expert practitioners. At City Laser & Skin Clinic, in Leicester, Leicestershire, we offer a range of clinic-exclusive treatments that are designed to cater for the widest range of skin conditions. Our experience of treating various skin types has helped us formulate the most effective treatments. Additionally, the laser skin and facial treatments detailed below can all be tailored to best suit your skin. Please note that treatment times, prices, and the recommended number of follow-up appointments will vary depending on the treatment you choose.

The treatments mentioned above can be tailored to suit your skin needs. For further information or to book your free consultation, please call us on 0116 242 5299 or click on the 'Book an Appointment' button below.


Treatment Prices
CLSC Reform Facial £50 30min
CLSC Detox Facial £40 1 hour
CLSC Hydro Facial £50 1 hour
CLSC. SOS. Facial £65 1 hour

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