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Dr. med. Christine Schrammek

Dr Shrammek Green peel treatments are excellent for treating problematic skin. It’s a very effective natural herbal peeling method. The idea of this method is a special massage of the herbs on the skin which stimulates the blood circulation and helps to activate the metabolism of the skin. The time the skin needs to renew is reduced from 28 days to just 5 days!

Skin Peeling with Green Peel.

These peels are one of the best known worldwide, the herbal peeling helps improve blood supply in the skin, this then starts increasing the Oxygen and nutrition to improve the skins renewal process, helping the skin look fresher, younger and clearer. There is a peeling treatment to suit everyone individually and commonly treats skin pigmentation, aged, sun damaged skin, age spots, acne scaring, wrinkles, uneven skin tones are all reduced significantly after a course of treatments.

Am I Suitable for Green Peel Treatments?

Most skin types can be treated. Before you start your treatment you are invited in for a consultation with one of our certified practitioners. During the consultation a full medical history is carried out with skin analysis to determine the best peeling method for you. If you are suitable for the treatment you will fill in a consent form. Please book your consultation on 01162425299.

Why have the Green Peel treatments?

  • Successful in more than 50 countries and since more than 60 years
  • Individual treatment possibilities for almost every skin type
  • Improvement of skin quality, solution for diverse skin problems
  • The only Herbal peeling that was awarded by the Beauty Forum Reader’s Choice Award.
  • Exclusively offered by Certified Aestheticians, Doctors and Dermatologists
  • New Skin in 5 days!*Safe and Effective


What Is the Green Peel?

Am I suitable for the treatments?

Before you start treatment you are invited for a consultation with a certified practitioner to determine the course of treatments required. A full medical history and skin analysis will be carried out.

Is the Green Peel a Chemical Peel?

No. The Green Peel is a 100% natural herbal peeling method. It is a natural method of exfoliation of the skin. Green Peel treatment is a Medical Peel.

What conditions and problems can the Green Peel treat?

There are 5 different peeling methods in the green peel range, the correct one will be chosen for you by your certified practitioner after your consultation and skin analysis. The Green Peel treats:

  • Skin built up with strong impurities
  • Acne Scarring
  • Regular light to medium impurities
  • Ageing skin
  • Tired, pale skin
  • Uneven skin scars
  • Age spots
  • Pigmentation
  • Visible deep wrinkles
  • Sun damaged skin

What can i expect during the treatment?

Treatment will take place at the clinic. We will superficial cleanse then deep cleanse the skin with Dr Shrammek products for your skin type so the skin is well prepared and clean before the peel. A mixture of herbs and a concentrate is applied to skin, the herbs are massaged into the skin with a gentle pressure so they can be delivered into the skin layers safely and effectively. Depending on the areas to treat and skin condition to treat the treatment can take 1 hour to 1hour 30min.

Does it hurt?

Clients feel a tingly sensation sometimes described as a nettle bush sting when the herbs are being massaged onto the skin. This normally lasts 2-3 minutes depending on which green peel treatment you are having done. A cooling mask is applied to increase comfort of the skin, clients tend to feel more comfortable once this is applied.

How many treatment sessions will i need?

Treatment sessions depend on skin condition and skin being treated. Your certified practitioner will advise you on how many sessions you will need at your consultation. Its recommended that clients have 3-6 treatments at regular intervals for optimum results.

How do I prepare for treatment?

There is no pre prep needed for Green Peel treatment. A full medical history is carried out at your consultation to ensure the treatment is suitable for you.

What can I expect after treatment?

After the treatment you can expect redness and expect to feel the prickly sensation when the skin is touched, this usually subsides in 2-3 days. Day 2 and 3 you can expect to see your skin starting to lightly peel. Please follow the aftercare products and advice given to you after the treatment.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known permanent side effects having the Green Peel treatment. Be sure to discuss potential side effects specifically for you with your practitioner after your consultation.

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Treatment Prices

Fresh Up – £140 inc aftercare products

This treatment is a prevention treatment. A gentle peel method for a fresher appearance. The skin is restored and has the ability to absorb active ingredients. The skin is left hydrated and delivers more of a vital complexion for those special occasions. This is also a ideal treatment for the prevention measure against premature ageing and loss of elasticity even when they are not visible. The skin appears radiant and refreshed.

Energy – £175 inc aftercare products

Correction Treatment. This treatment delivers a burst of energy that you can notice immediately, giving the skin vitality with regeneration power. Helps diminish skin problems relating to age impurities, scars & hyper pigmentation improving the skin complexion.

Mela White – £225 inc aftercare products

Treatment of pigmentation. The most powerful, popular and effective method for a clearer skin complexion, helping to even out skin pigments whilst improving complexion. Homecare of Mela White Cream and Mela white serum will help to inhibit the production of melanin pigment in the skin.

Classic – £295 inc aftercare products

Correction and Regeneration treatment. New skin in just 5 days! This treatment is very prescriptive and very individual to each skin type. Offers a effective POWERFUL solution for healthy natural skin. The classic treatment achieves particular good results on impure skin, ageing skin, Seborrhea skin with poor circulation, Scars caused by acne, accidents, burns, atrophic sun damaged skin suffering from Elastosis, sagging facial contours. This can be used also on the stomach, arms and thighs areas.

Note – Additional after care products for 5 days are required with these treatments. This will be discussed with you at your consultation.

These treatments can be done on face and body. Body treatments prices are provided at consultation.

Treatment Review

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