EDS Skin Needling

EDS Skin Needling

Transform your skin with Aesthetic Gold award winning micro needling.

We all have those bugbears that affect our confidence, whether it’s fine lines around the eyes, a dull complexion or even acne scars and stretch marks. These issues can be tackled safely without much discomfort or down time, and without the worry of the results looking unnatural and obvious.

With professional skin needling, all of these things are within your reach.

The treatment, using the highest quality, clinical proven medical devices, stimulates natural responses within your skin that over time help to regenerate it, leaving you with natural, long lasting and outstanding results.


Why have EDS skin needling?

This is a Aesthetics Award winning treatment using the highest quality German engineered needles and precision controls to deliver optimum results. This treatment delivers significant results in

  • Ageing and photo damaged skin
  • Facial and declotte lines and wrinkles
  • Impaired texture and tone
  • Acne scarring
  • Stretch marks
  • Excellent safety profile
  • Gold award winning medical device
  • Pain Free
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Fast and effective

How does Micro Skin needling work?

The skin is made up of three layers: epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous. By penetrating the epidermis with very fine small needles collagen production is increased and the body heals itself. Skin needling produces thousands of micro-needle columns in the skin, which in turn stimulates the skin to naturally regenerate and repair itself. As part of this stimulation new collagen is formed, new skin cells generated and the structure of the dermis, the lower level of the skin enhanced. As a result the treatment can give you a immediate plumped and rejuvenated effect.

A few days after the treatment the epidermal cells begin reproducing and the epidermis becomes thicker. Over the following months the skin will progressively show improvement and tighten as the collagen slowly shortens and becomes more supported.

At City Laser & Skin Clinic we provide two of the most highly regarded and highest safety profile micro needling treatments EDS Rejuvenate and EDS GD Rejuvenate. Your practitioner will choose the best treatment for you.

Does it hurt?

Before your treatment is started your skin will be numbed with topical anesthetic, so you will remain comfortable throughout. After a couple of hours the anesthetic will wear of and you can still expect to remain comfortable.

How long does the treatment take?

The actual treatment takes 20 minutes depending on the area to be treated – overall your appointment is likely to last just one hour.

What can I expect during the treatment?

Treatment will take place at the clinic with a qualified and experienced practitioner. The skin needling will be done with a medical device to create the needling columns. The needling is pain free. Treatment duration can take anything up to 1hour or more depending on area being treated.

What can I expect after the treatment?

After the treatment your skin will remain red for about 24 hours. Your practitioner will see you through the aftercare and provide you with all the necessary aftercare products to use at home to take care of your skin. A soothing gel is provided to use until the redness subsides. Your aftercare programme will contain everything to enhance the results of your in clinic treatments. It is also very important to use Heliocare sun protection every morning. This provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection for your skin as well as a whole host of anti-oxidants and DNA repair enzymes to further protect your skin.

How many treatment sessions will i need?

Results are visible from your first session. A course of 3 to 5 sessions is recommended 4-5 weeks apart for optimal results. Your Practitioner will advise how many treatments you will need.

How do i prepare for treatment?

When having EDS micro needling areas to be treated must be perfume free, make up free. You must thoroughly cleanse any oils, creams and heavy makeup used.

Are there any side effects?

It’s rare but prolonged Redness may be a side effect of this treatment, lasting up to 24 hours which After treatment redness usually subsides in 4-6 hours but may take longer.

Before and After Images

Prices for EDS Micro Needling

Face area £300.00 per session + £65 for aftercare products

Face area course of 3 is £750 with after care products included

Face area course of 5 is £1400 with all after care products included

Eye area – £165 + £65 after care products

Body areas – Pricing dependent on area size to be treated, this can be given to you at your free consultation.

Treatment Review

“I am in my 30’s and have suffered with acne scarring since i was a teenager. Dermatologists elsewhere recommended i use a CO 2 laser. I came into this clinic for a free consultation and was advised to have a course of 5 sessions 4-6 weeks apart, i was keener on this treatment because it had less down time which meant i could go into work immediately. It was painless because they numbed the area. I am really happy with the results achieved, my acne scarring has reduced significantly. My make up sits more flawless on my skin and I feel loads more confident.”

– Sadia Sara

– Anika

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Treatment Headlines

Procedure Time

Varies 1-2 hours

Sensitivity Period

Minimal / none

Full Recovery

24 hours

Return to Work

6-12 hours


Local anaesthetic if required